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Cantopop (Cheenese: 粵語流行音樂) is a colloquialism for "Cantonese popular muisic". It is sometimes referred tae as HK-pop, short for "Hong Kong popular muisic". It is categorisit as a subgenre o Cheenese popular muisic athin C-pop. Cantopop draws its influence no anerlie frae ither forms o Cheenese muisic, but frae internaitional styles, includin jazz, rock an roll, rhythm an blues, electronic muisic, Wastren pop muisic an ithers. Cantopop sangs are amaist invariably performit in Cantonese. Boastin a multinaitional fanbase especially in Sootheast Asie kintras such as Malaysie, Singapore, Indonesie, Thailand, an in the Guangdong province o mainland Cheenae, Hong Kong remains the maist significant hub o the genre.[1]

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