Leids o Serbie

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Serbie haes ae ane naitionwide offeecial leid, which is Serbian. Ither leids spoken in Serbie include Albanian (spoken in Preševo Valley an de-facto independent state o Kosovo), Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Rusyn, Croatian (aw o which ar offeecial regional leids in the Vojvodina province), Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romani, Czech, Bosnian, Vlach, Bunjevac, Macedonian, etc.

Throughoot muckle o soothren Serbie, a dialect bi the name o Torlakian is spoken. Although it haes nae standard form an continues tae be spoken athoot ony form o offeecial status, Torlakian may be seen as constitutin a separate leid. It forms a part o the Sooth Slavic dialect continuum, an is transitional atween the eastren sooth Slavic leids (mainly Bulgarian an Macedonian) an the wastren sooth Slavic leids (o which Serbian is a part).

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