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Larnaca, (Greek: Λάρνακα, Lárnaka or colloquially Skala; Turkis: Larnaka/İskele) is the third lairgest ceety on the soothren coast o Cyprus efter Nicosia an Limassol. It haes a population o 72,000 (2010) an is the island's seicont lairgest commercial port an an important tourist resort. The island's lairgest airport, Larnaca International Airport is locatit on the ootskirts o the ceety.

Tae the north o the ceety lies the island's umwhile ile refinery, which wis reduced tae a storage facility efter the refinery itsel wis sauld in 2008. Tae the sooth is the Larnaca International Airport. The ceety of Larnaka is well-kent for its picturesque seafront which includes rows o palm trees (or φοινικούδες finikoudes, in the Cypriot dialect). Larnaca Marina is ane o the fower offeecial entry points, bi sea, tae Cyprus.

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Larnaca Municipality is twinned wi the follaein:

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Coordinates: 34°55′N 33°38′E / 34.92°N 33.63°E / 34.92; 33.63