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Kom Isfaht

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Kom Isfaht
Kom Isfaht is located in Egypt
Kom Isfaht
Kom Isfaht
Location in Egyp
Coordinates: 26°56′16″N 31°19′36″E / 26.93778°N 31.32667°E / 26.93778; 31.32667
Country Egyp
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)

Kom Isfaht is a toun in the Upper Egyptian Asyut Govrenorate. It is locatit on the wast bank o the Nile. It wis a Roman veelage (Apollonopolites Heptakomias).

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kom Isfaht is a locality o Nahieh, situatit 3 oors distance frae Abu Tig, in the destrict o Abu Tig, in the province o Asyut. It haes a population o 3,719 inhabitants, wi nae dependencies.

References elsewhaur are tae the kirk o St George in Kom Isfaht an tae the fact that its name in Roman Egyp wis Apollinopolis Heptakomia in the nome, or province, o Apollinopolites Parvus.

The records o a Strategos, or general, whose name wis Apollonius, o Heptakomia hae been preservit. There are a number o letters tae Apollonius frae his mither, Eudaimonis, an his wife, Aline, when Egyp wis awa campaignin against the Jews in the great revolt o the Jewish Diaspora in Cyrene, Egyp, an Mesopotamie against the Romans an the local populations in 116 an 117 AD. Eudaimonis wis vera worriet aboot Apollonius’ safety, but he seems tae hae returned unhairmit acause they haed his application for twa month’ leave tae sort oot his affairs, efter the end o the revolt, Aline set up an altar tae the Dioscuri, Castor an Pollux, in Thanksgivin.

There records o a monastery near Kom Isfaht an aw, the monastery o Apa Apollo at Baouit.

Ref:Dictionnaire Geographique de l’Egypte of 1899 records her Kom Esfaht