Khan Dannun

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Khan Dannun

خان دنون

Khan Danoun
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Coordinates: 33°19′55″N 36°19′56″E / 33.33194°N 36.33222°E / 33.33194; 36.33222
Kintra Sirie
GovrenorateRif Dimashq Govrenorate
DestrictMarkaz Rif Dimashq
 • Total8,727
Time zoneUTC+3 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (EEST)

Khan Dannun (Arabic: خان دنون‎, spelt Khan Danun, Khan Dunnun or Khan Dhul-Nun an aw) is a toun in soothren Sirie, admeenistratively pairt o the Markaz Rif Dimashq Destrict o the Rif Dimashq Govrenorate. Locatit sooth o Damascus, nearbi localities include al-Taybah tae the wast, Muqaylibah tae the northwast, al-Kiswah 5 kilometres tae the north an Khiyarat Dannun tae the east. Accordin tae the Sirie Central Bureau o Statistics, Khan Dannun haed a population o 8,727 in the 2004 census.[1]

Khan Dannun contains a refugee camp wi the same name an is ane o ten Palestinian refugee camps in Sirie recognisit bi UNRWA an aw. Accordin tae UNRWA statistics the camp haed a population o 7,841 in 1998.[2] Accordin tae UNRWA the population o the camp in Juin 2008 wis 9,479 persons and 2,192 families.[3]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Khan Dannun wis oreeginally a lairge khan ("caravansary") completit in 1376 bi the Mamluk govrenor o Damascus, Manjak al-Yusufi,[4] durin the reign o the Bahri Mamluk sultan al-Ashraf Sha'ban.[5] The khan wis designed bi Ali ibn al-Badri, kent as muhandis ash-Sham ("ingineer o Damascus.")[6] The name "Dan nun" is the colloquial version o "Dhul-Nun,"[7][8] a heichlie venerated 9t-century Muslim figur. He is considered tae be the early patriairch o the Sufis.[7] Khan Dannun became a stoppin pynt on the hajj ("pilgrimage tae Mecca") caravan route efter al-Kiswah, an afore Ghabaghib.[9]

The khan, wi exception o its vaults, wis biggit in the traditional basalt masonry teepically foond in the auld structurs in Hauran.[4] It consistit o an open, square-shaped courtyard, the centre o which haed been occupee'd bi livestock. Surroondin the courtyard wur arcades biggit atop lodgin apairtments which servit as accommodation for visitors.[10] The courtyard wis flankit bi circular basalt touers.[7] Inside the khan wis a sma prayer ruim wi mihrab niche which indicatit the direction o Mecca.[11] A mairsh wis formit in front o the khan's gate as a result o an eastren-flowin rivulet.[7]

When traveler John Lewis Burckhardt visitit the steid in the early 19t-century, the khan wis in ruins.[10] Khan Dannun wis ane o the stops on the Damascus-Hauran line o the Hejaz Railway.[12]

In 1949, follaein the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, a Palestinian refugee camp cried Khan Dannun wis set up in the toun.[13] In 2009 a new sewage project for Khan Dannun, fundit bi the European Commission, wis feenished.[14]

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