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Revised RomanisationGangdonggun

Kangdong-gun, or Kangdong Coonty, is ane o Pyongyang's fower suburban coonties. In 1983 it wis separatit frae Pyongannam-do an assumit direct govrenance bi the Pyongyang Ceety Fowkcommittee. It is bordered bi Sŏngch'ŏn-gun (Songchon Coonty), Pyongannam-do in the north an east, Sungho-guyok (Sungho Destrict) frae the sooth an the Taedong River frae the wast.

Kangdong-gun is best kent as the location o the supposit Tomb o Keeng Tangun, the Revolutionary Steid at Ponghwa-ri. Kim Jong-un's Kangdong Residence[1] is locatit near the banks o Taedong River.[2] The northeastren pairt o the coonty hosts the offices an facilities o the Seicont Economic Committee, which is the DPRK's wappens industrie. Kyo-hwa-so No. 4 is a lairge reeducation camp in the sooth eastren pairt o Kangdong-gun.[3]

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