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Revised RomanisationMangyeongdaeguyeok

Man'gyŏngdae-guyŏk (만경대구역) is ane o the 19 guyŏk that constitute Pyongyang, North Korea. It began as a veelage, Mangyongdae-ri, Pyongannam-do an became a destrict o Pyongyang in September o 1959. The area is surroondit bi several hills, the heichest ane namit Mangyong (Ten thoosan views) Hill acause ane can enjoy a bird’s-eye view o the exquisite landscape, an the veelage at its fuit is cried Mangyongdae. It extends tae the wast past the Sunhwa River, tae Kangso-gun. Aside frae Chilgol an Oryu-ri (which is a militar aurie), the destrict is dividit atween Kwangbok (Restoration) Street an Chongchun (Youth) Street. Kwangbok Street is a residential destrict o heich rise apairtments populatit bi members o the DPRK media an cultural institutions.

Mangyongdae is presentit as the birthplace o the umwhile North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung's birthplace, Aprile 2012

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