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Human richts in North Korea are hivily restrictit. Thare is no richt tae free speech, an the anly radio, televeesion, an news providers that are deemed legal are those operatit bi the govrenment.[1][2] It is estimatiy that atween 150,000 an 200,000 poleetical prisoners are detained in concentration camps, whaur thay perform forced labour an risk summary beatins, torture an execution.[3]

The 'human richts record o North Korea is extremely difficult tae fully assess due tae the secretive an closed nature o the kintra. The North Korean government makes it vera difficult for foreigners tae enter the kintra an strictly monitors their activities when they do. Aid wirkers are subject tae considerable scrutiny an excludit frae places an regions the government does no wish them tae enter. Since citizens canna freely leave the kintra,[4][5] it is mainly frae stories o refugees an defectors that the naition's human richts record haes been constructit. The government's position, expressed through the Korean Central News Agency, is that North Korea haes no human richts issue, acause its socialist seestem wis chosen bi the fowk an serves them faithfully.[6][7]

While it is difficult to piece together a clear picture of the situation athin the country, it is clear that the government o North Korea controls virtually aw activities athin the nation. Citizens are not alloued tae freely speak their mnds[8] and the government detains those who criticize the regime.[9] The ae radio, television, an news organizations that are deemed legal are those operatit bi the government. The media, as wi Kim Il-sung,[10] universally praise the administration o Kim Jong-Il.[11][12]

A number o human richts organizations an governments hae condemned North Korea's human richts record, includin Amnesty International an the Unitit Naitions, which passed a General Assembly resolution in 2008.[13] In its 2006 kintra report on North Korea, the American government-fundit[14] Freedom House alleged that the kintra "is a totalitarian dictatorship."[15] Freedom House categorized North Korea as "Not Free". North Korea haes chairged that that those who make allegations aboot human richts in the kintra are interferin in the kintra's internal affairs an tryin tae force doun their values.[16]

In 2004, the Unitit States government adoptit the North Korean Human Richts Act of 2004, which criticised North Korea an ootlined steps the Unitit States shoud take towards North Korea. Wi the exception o the internaitional abductions issue regardin Japanese, Americans, an Sooth Koreans, which it says haes been fully resolved, North Korea strangly rejects aw reports o human richts violations an accuses the defectors o lyin an promotin a pro-Wast agenda.[17]

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