Julieta Venegas

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Julieta Venegas
Julieta Venegas at Central Pairk, New York Ceety, Simmer 2008
Background information
Birth nameJulieta Venegas Percevault
Born (1970-11-24) 24 November 1970 (age 53)
Long Beach, Californie
OreiginTijuana, Baja California, Mexico
GenresPop, indie pop, alternative muisic, fowk rock
ThriftSangster-sangwriter, muisicker, record producer
InstrumentsVocals, piano, accordion, guitar, keybuirds,
vibraphone, caja, cello
Years active1992–praisent
LabelsRCA, Sony International

Julieta Venegas Percevault (born 24 November 1970 in Long Beach, Californie),[1] is a Mexican sangster, sangwriter, instrumentalist an producer, wha sangs pop-rock in Spainyie. She speaks Inglis, Portuguese, an Spainyie fluently. She haes a twin sister, Yvonne, wha is a photografer. Venegas grew up in Tijuana an begoud studyin muisic at the age o aicht. She went on tae jyne several baunds includin Mexican ska baund Tijuana No!.

She plays several instruments includin acoustic guitar, accordion, an keybuird. She haes wan five Laitin Grammys an ae Grammy Awaird amang ither awairds. She haes componit muisic for theatre an performit in soondtracks for dizzens o movies.

In 1997, she released her debut album Aquí tae favourable reviews in Mexico bi the rock audience.[2] In later years she positioned hersel as ane o the maist prominent sangwriters in Laitin pop bi achievin fame in 2003 in Laitin Americae an Spain wi the album an singles "Andar conmigo" an "Algo está cambiando" that war positioned at the tap o Latin Billboard.

In 2006, she released her maist successful album Limón y Sal whilk is her best-sellin album tae date. Limón y Sal achievit Platinum status in several kintras,[3] includin the warldwide hit "Me voy." "Me voy" wis certifee'd Gowd in Mexico.[4] Her fift album Otra Cosa appears in the bucks tops European kintras an the Unitit States.[5]

Venegas wis designatit a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Mexico.[6]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Julieta begoud playin instruments at the age o 10 whan her parents first sent her tae piano lessons. In the years that follaed, muisic grew tae be her passion. At the beginnin o her career, she collaboratit wi a few baunds in Tijuana, an than later in Mexico D.F. Her first solo album, Aquí, wis released in 1998 wi the collaboration o Gustavo Santaolalla. She recordit, toured an played live. In 2000, she recordit her seicont album, Bueninvento, whaur she experimentit wi the electric guitar, an collaboratit wi producers an muisickers includin Santaolalla, Meme de Real, Quique Rangel, Toy Hernandez an Joe Chiccarelli. In 2003, she released her third album, , that wis recordit an produced in Buenos Aires an Madrid wi guest muisickers Cachorro Lopez an Coti Sorokin. In 2006, her fowert album, Limón y Sal, debuted wi the help o producer Cachorro López. In 2007, she collaboratit wi Miranda! tae record the sang "Perfecta," whilk becam a chairt-tappin single in 2008 in Laitin Americae. Forby that year, she wis featurt in MTV Unplugged that led tae a DVD an CD. The single "El Presente" wis drawn fae that production. The album Otra Cosa wis released in Mairch 2010.[7]

Aquí 1997–2000[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wi the support o BMG, Julieta recordit her first solo album wi producer Gustavo Santaolalla. Publisht in 1997, Aquí conteened twal tracks composed bi Venegas an wis distributit in Mexico, Spain, an several Laitin American kintras. The material shawed Venegas tae be a extremely inventive airtist in Mexican popular muisic.

The first single frae the album, "De Mis Pasos", wis dramatically acceptit bi a young audience an quickly positioned as yin o the best sangs in female rock o that time. The seicont single, "Como Sé", wan the MTV awaird for "Mejor Interpretación Femenina".

Follaein the internaitional release o the album, Venegas receivit a lairge nummer o invitations tae collaborate wi unalike muisickers an performers in Laitin Americae, includin Sasha Sokol, Enanitos Verdes, Sr. Gonzalez, Los Tres, Liquits, Cartel de Santa, León, an Enrique Bunbury.

In 1998, she pairticipatit in the tour "De Diva Voz" wi Ely Guerra an Aurora y La Academia, appearin at different locations in Mexico an the Unitit States. Suin after, the tour wis in "Calaveritas y Diablitos" next tae Aterciopelados an Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in Spain. The same year she pairticipatit in the album Volcán: Tributo a José José, a tribute tae the legendar Mexican sangster José José. Julieta recordit the sang "El Triste".

Her pairticipation in internaitional festivals increased the follaein year. The Festival presentit Venegas "Midem Americas (Miami)," Generation Ñ "(in Spain)," Rock Al Parque de Bogotá (in Colombie) an Festival "El Hatillo" (in Venezuela).

In 1999, she appeared in the Mexican version o the video "Infinito" bi Bunbury.

In 2000, Nacho Mastretta invitit her tae pairticipate in her album "Luna de Miel", which consists o twal sangs performit bi twal female vocalists frae different kintras. Suin efter that, Venegas contributit three sangs tae the soondtrack oEn El País de No Pasa Nada.

Suin efter, Venegas wrote an recordit for the film "Amores Perros" an the sang "Amores Perros Me Van A Matar." The sang wis producit bi Emmanuel del Real an Quique Rangel (Café Tacuba), who wad collaborate wi Venegas on her next album an aw, Bueninvento.

Bueninvento 2000–2002[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bueninvento, producit bi Gustavo Santaolalla and Joe Chicarelli, wis launched in September 2000. It wis recordit in Los Angeles (Californie), Monterrey an Mexico Ceety. Thirteen o the fowerteen sangs are authored bi Julieta Venegas includin a tribute tae Juan Gabriel – "Siempre En Mi Mente."

In the same year, she pairticipatit in the "Arezzo Wave Love" in Italy, whaur she sang a version o the sang "Amores Perros ..." in Italian an the tour "Evolucion 2000" wi Jaguares, Jumbo an Gusana Ciega. It is involvit in the Hannover Fair as pairt o Music Bridges Around the World an aw, which links tae componers frae aroond the warld. Join the Cubadisco Festival in Havana, Cuba and the tour 'Femina Rock' wi Maria Gabriela Epumer an ither female figurs o rock.

In 2002, the sangster Victor Manuel caws afferin tae pairticipate in a tribute tae Joaquín Sabina alang wi ither weemen. Sing "Corre Dijó La Tortuga."

Pairticipatit several soundtracks: In the movie "Maria Full of Grace" wi the theme "Lo Que Venga Después." In the movie "Demasiado Amor" a cover o Lupita D'alessio "Acariciame" wi twa versions, ane in collaboration wi Mastretta, ane wi Joan Valent. An aw wirks wi Mastretta for the main theme o the Spainyie film "El Sueño del Caiman".

Venegas sang "Niños" a duet wi Spainyie Pedro Guerra Ofrenda disk an receivit bi the same in the Persie Guwf whaur they sing a duet on the sang "Cómo Sé" against the European media.

She sings in the Soda Stereo album tribute tae the sang "Disco Eterno" which is nominatit for a Grammy for "Best Rock Song: Hoy No Quiero" an "Best Alternative Rock Disco: Bueninvento" takes a brief break in his career an is dedicatit tae singin themes José José ("El Triste"), José Alfredo Jimenez ("Serenata Sin Luna") an Los Tigres del Norte ("La Jaula de Oro") an does duets wi Celso Piña an ska "Los de Abajo" while preparin the sangs for his upcomin album "Sí".

2003–2005[eedit | eedit soorce]

In late 2003, released the album "Sí", which collaborates Coti an "Cachorro Lopez", recordit in Argentinae an Spain. It haes sauld ower a million copies, makkin the sangs on "Andar Conmigo", "Lento" an "Algo Está Cambiando" pop staundarts in Laitin muisic.

She wis invitit tae dae, alang wi Pau Dones frae Jarabe de Palo, a sang for the soondtrack o the movie "Asesino En Serie: El Listón de Tu Pelo" a Tributo tae Los Angeles Azules.

2004 year wis the maist productive year profeesionally an spiritually for Julieta Venegas – MTVla awairdit her three awairds for: "Artist of the Year", "Solo of the Year" an "Best Artist North." She wis awairdit her first Latin Grammy in the category "Best Rock Album." She wan 3 Awards for "Oye!" Mexico Ceety in the categories "Artist of the Year", "Song of the Year: Andar Conmigo" an "Record of the Year: Sí." "Sí" gave sufficient security tae show their femininity an risk play in the risk an weys of pop criticism.

In 2004 she collaboratit on the album "Neruda En El Corazón" wi airtists like Joan Manuel Serrat, Pablo Milanés and Ana Belén. It is responsible for puttin muisic tae the poem "A Callarse" an pairticipates in the "Diego Torres: MTV Unplugged" on the sang "Sueños". She pairticipatit in the concert "El Sueño Existe" in homage tae Salvador Allende in the Stadium Nacional de Chile, wi Chilean an internaitional airtists as Gilberto Gil, Los Prisioneros, Leon Gieco an Silvio Rodríguez, amang ithers.

She began her first internaitional tour in Mexico an celebratit it wi a memorable concert at the Teatro Metropolitan, which is reflectit in the album "Sí Special Edition" an is the first Laitin airtist tae release a "Limited Edition DualDisc." Julieta Venegas is placit atween Laitin airtists wi mair internaitional exposure, an is tharefore requestit tae sing wi various airtists such as Lenine, El Cartel de Santa an Paulina Rubio. "Sí" is receivit wi open airms in Viña del Mar, whaur it receives the recognition Mar de Plata an she wis invitit tae record in Los Shajatos, singin in Inglis, "you've got hide your love away" an "Blackbird" bi The Beatles.

Julieta pairticipatit in the disc o Vincentico: "Los Rayos " in the theme: "Tonto" an the MTV Unplugged Lenine on the theme: "Miedo" an different muisical scores for movies like "Hotel Tivoli" ("El Fuego y El Combustible"), "Sólo Dios Sabe" (" Saudade " ft. Otto an "Lagrimas Negras").

Limón y Sal 2006–2007[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sangster Julieta Venegas pairticipatit in the 2006 “Mujeres sin miedo, todas somos Atenco” event.

Julieta teuk aboot a year tae produce her next album, which wis recordit in Buenos Aires wi the production o Cachorro López. At the same time she paid tribute tae Andrés Calamaro wi the sang "Sin Documentos." An aw includit is title track "Limón y Sal".

Whan the first single "Me Voy," a Ranchera/Pop sang, wis released in 2006, it quickly rose in popularity, transcendin distance an leid barriers as it is performit in Inglis, Italian an Spainyie.

Mairch saw the launch o "Limón y Sal" which wis awairdit a gowd record for mair nor 50 thoosand copies sauld athin twa days o its launch. Efter a single week it haed receivit a platinum for 100 thoosan records in Mexico an mair gowds for sellin 50 thoosan copies in baith Spain an the Unitit States. A few days later the record receivit anither gowd record for mair nor 50 thoosan copies in Italy.

In Juin 2006 in Spain, Venegas teuk pairt in the MTV Day festival wi Amaral an Keane, amang ithers. Twa days later, she teuk pairt in the celebration o the fortiet anniversary o Los 40 Principales Radio Formula. She sang "Me Voy" an "Nada de Esto Fué Un Error" next tae Coti. She haes pairticipatit in the Spainyie series "Yo Soy Bea", as the series wis involvit in "SOS Mi Vida" Argentinae on TV an aw. In 2007 a compilation album came oot entitled "Realmente Lo Mejor".

Venegas collaboratit on the Hector Buitrago album "Conector" an aw wi the theme "Música Somos" afore beginnin a warld tour encompassin first Italy an ither pairts o Europe. Upon returnin frae Europe, she visitit amaist aw o Laitin Americae an the Unitit States on her "Limón y Sal" Tour.

Wi regard tae awairds, she wan her seicont Latin Grammy for "Best Alternative Album" an wan her first Grammy in a historic tee wi Ricardo Arjona's album "Adentro" an aw.

A total o 4 singles wur released: "Me Voy", "Limón y Sal", "Eres para Mí" an "Primer Día" – a sang that wis supposedly anerlie for Europe, but caucht American ears an aw.

MTV Unplugged 2008–2009[eedit | eedit soorce]

The year 2008 wis even mair productive, syne 6 Mairch, she recordit her "MTV Unplugged", which wis rankit as "Very Successful", besides bein the first tae be recordit in Mexico. Airtists joinin Julietta for this live concert includit Juan Son, La Mala Rodriguez, Marisa Monte, Natalia Lafourcade, Gustavo Santaolalla an an orchestra o 15 muisickers. This MTV Unplugged aired on 5 Juin 2008 on MTV an the CD wis released on 17 Juin. For this same CD, she wis namit MTV Artist of the Month.

This record blends the ranchera touch wi pop ballads that hae been vera well acceptit bi the public. In Mexico, the sang lastit for 10 weeks at the top o popularity an gettin vera guid reviews. This record shows that Julieta is an accordion o surprises, showin sangs like: "Mira la vida", "Algún Día" y "Cómo Sé" that show Julieta as mair matur an aware o what she does an aye busy reinventin hersel ivery day an givin the public something new tae their ears.

The album wis released on 10 Juin 10 at the internaitional level, producin strang sales an ane month efter its release Julieta wis awardit a platinum disc for sellin mair nor 100,000 records in Mexico an twa gowd discs for mair nor 50,000 records in Colombie an the USA.

Julieta stairtit an internaitional tour for the first time, visitin Ingland an Germany, kintras which haed niver heard muisic like hers.

Her record wis nominatit for MTV Awards, Premios Luna del Auditorio an the Latin Grammy. Her concerts are amang the maist requestit an popular wi the public.

She recordit a duet wi French sangster Olivia Ruiz singin "Las Migajas de Mi Corazón." At the MTV Awards LA she sang wi the Electro/Norteño Nortec Collective baund a unique version o "El Presente"

On 13 November 2008 Julieta teuk hame twa Latin Grammy awairds in the categories o "Best Alternative Album" an "Best Long Form Video". Efter her successful tour Julieta wis invitit bi Nelly Furtado tae pairticipate in the sang "Bajo Otra Luz" wi La Mala Rodríguez.

Otra Cosa 2010–Present[eedit | eedit soorce]

"Otra Cosa" wis released on Tuesday, 16 Mairch, in record stores an on iTunes. The first single wis "Bien o Mal" written wi Alejandro Sergi vocalist o the baund Miranda! an released on 16 Mairch 2010.

"Otra Cosa", placit on the first an seicont positions o the "Top Albums" in the iTunes Latino store wi her twa Deluxe an Standard edition albums, accordin tae the offeecial website. Julieta Venegas became the first Latin airtist tae launch an iTunes LP.

Fower days efter the offeecial launch o "Otra Cosa", Julieta Venegas earned a Gowd Record in Mexico.

The album contains 12 sangs filled wi acoustic an electric guitars, synthesizers, various percussion instruments, cavaquinhos, winds, subtle pianos (played bi hersel), an accordions.

An aw seen in picturs postit in Twitter, Julieta mentions ither instruments uised on the album that include: ukulele, bass, Bouzuki, an Tuba.

The album wis producit bi Julieta an Cachorro López (who producit "Limón Y Sal" an aw).

Follaein the album's release Juieta Venegas toured the Unitit States (sponsored bi the buist Jack Daniels) in 16 ceeties, includin New York, Miami, Los Angeles an San Diego.

Julita Venegas pairticipatit in the Vive Latino Festival 2010, playin on twa occasions, baith in the Green Stage. She pairticipatit in a reunion with her umwhile baund, Tijuana No! an sang a duet wi their new baund member, Alexis Güereña, singin "Pobre de Ti".

A few weeks prior tae the release o the album, Julieta Venegas acknawledgit being three month pregnant, but haes no namit the faither. Sources state he is a psychologist frae Argentinae.

On 27 Aprile 2010, a visibly pregnant Julieta Venegas played some sangs o the album at KCRW, an internet public radio station in Santa Monica College.

On 13 August 2010 Julieta gave birth tae a baby girl namit Simona in Mexico.[8][9] Julieta, who is divorcit, haes niver revealed the identity o the baby's faither.

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

See an aw[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Best Rock Solo Vocal Album ().
  • Best Solo Artist
  • Best Artist (Mexico)
  • Artist of the Year
  • Best Solo Artist
  • Best Pop Artist

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