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John Ker, 1st Duke o Roxburghe

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John Ker, 1st Duke o Roxburghe

John Ker, 1st Duke o Roxburghe, PC, FRS (c. 1680–1741) wis the seicont son o Robert Ker, 3rd Earl o Roxburghe, an Margaret Hay, dochter o John Hay, 1st Marquess o Tweeddale. He wis younger brither tae Robert Ker, 4th Earl o Roxburghe.

John became 5t Earl o Roxburghe on the daith o his brither Robert in 1696. In 1704 he wis made a Secretary o State o Scotland, an he helped tae bring aboot the union wi Ingland, being creatit Duke o Roxburghe in 1707 for his services in this connection. This wis the last creation in the Scots peerage. On 28 Mey 1707, he wis admittit a FRS.[1]

The duke wis a representative peer for Scotland in fower parliaments. George I made him a privy cooncillor an Keeper o the Privy Seal o Scotland, an he wis leal tae the keeng durin the Jacobite rising in 1715. He served as Secretary o State for Scotland in the Breetish Parliament frae 1716 tae 1725, but he opposed the malt tax, an in 1725 Sir Robert Walpole procured his dismissal frae office. In Aprile 1727 he wis ane o the sax pall-bearers o Sir Isaac Newton's coffin at Westminster Abbey. [2] He wis ane o the oreeginal govrenors o the Foundling Hospital, a charity creatit bi ryal charter on 17 October 1739.

He dee'd on 24 Februar 1741. His ae son, Robert (c.1709–1755), who haed been creatit Earl Ker o Wakefield in 1722, became 2nt duke.

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Poleetical offices

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James Graham
Secretary o State for Scotland
1714 – 1716
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Office Vacant
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John Murray
Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland
1714 – 1715
Succeedit bi
William Johnston
Peerage o Scotland
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New Creation
Duke o Roxburghe
Succeedit bi
Robert Ker

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