Jerome Isaac Friedman

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Jerome Isaac Friedman
Physics Nobel laureate Jerry Friedman, 2016.jpg
Jerry Friedman in Juin, 2016, Valencia, Spain
Born (1930-03-28) 28 Mairch 1930 (age 89)
Chicago, Illinois
Naitionality Unitit States
Alma mater Varsity o Chicago
Kent for Experimental pruif o quarks
Hauf-marrae(s) Tania Letetsky-Baranovsky (m. 1956; 4 bairns)[1]
Awairds Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1990)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions MIT
Doctoral advisor Enrico Fermi

Jerome Isaac Friedman (born Mairch 28, 1930) is an American pheesicist. He is Institute Professor an Professor o Pheesics, Emeritus, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He wan the 1990 Nobel Prize in Pheesics alang wi Henry Kendall an Richard Taylor, for wirk shawin an internal structur for protons later kent tae be quarks.

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