Isaiah Berlin

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Sir Isaiah Berlin
Born6 June 1909
Riga, Roushie Empire (present-day Latvie)
Dee'd5 November 1997(1997-11-05) (aged 88)
Oxford, UK
Era20t-century filosofie
RegionWastren filosofie
SchuilLiberalism · Analytic filosofie
Main interests
Poleetical filosofie · Filosofie o history · History o ideas · Liberalism · Ethics · Marxism · Modren history · Roushie history · Roushie leeteratur · Romanticism
Notable ideas
Twa Concepts o Liberty · Coonter-Enlightenment · Value pluralism
Sir Isaiah Berlin (1983)

Sir Isaiah Berlin OM, CBE, FBA (6 Juin 1909 – 5 November 1997), wis a Russo-Breetish Jewish social an poleetical theorist, filosopher an historian o ideas, "thocht bi mony tae be the dominant scholar o his generation".[1]

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