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Isadora Duncan

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Isadora Duncan
BornAngela Isadora Duncan
26 Mey 1877(1877-05-26) or 27 Mey 1878(1878-05-27)[1]
San Francisco, Californie, Unitit States
Dee'd(1927-09-14)14 September 1927
Nice, Fraunce
NaitionalityAmerican, Roushie
Kent forDance & choreografie
MuivementModren/Contemporary dance

Angela Isadora Duncan (Mey 26 or 27, 1877 – September 14, 1927) wis an American dancer. Born in Californie, she lived in Wastren Europe an the Soviet Union frae the age o 22 til her daith at age 50.


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  1. While her birth date is widely gien as Mey 27, 1878, her posthumously-discovered baptismal certificate records Mey 26, 1877. Ony corroboratin documents war destroyed during the 1906 San Francisco yirdquauk. See Stokes, Sewell. "Isadora Duncan". Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved 28 Mey 2015.