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The Erse Republican Airmy (Erse: Óglaigh na hÉireann), alsae kent as ERA was the airmy o the Erse Republic and later oan ae parameelitary airmy. The ERA is nou kent as the Auld ERA tae stoap confusion wi ither groups caad the ERA. The Erse Republic was declarit in 1916 an included aw 32 cooties o Ireland. Howeer the Unitit Kinrick would nae recognise the laund. Sae the ERA went tae war frae 1919-1921 wi the UK in the Erse War o Independence. Aifter the war Ireland was split inate the Soothren Ireland, later Erse Free State and then Republic o Ireland and Northren Ireland. The split caused the Erse Civil War frae 1921-1922 and the ERA took the anti-treaty side whilk gaed oan tae lose. This lead tae the ERA been makkit ane illegal airmy an the role o the offeecial airmy o the new Erse Free State went tae ae new organisation.

Aifter this the ERA remainit inactive untae the Border Campaign o 1956-1962. Later oan in the 1960s the ERA split intae the Offeecial IRA and the Proveesional IRA. Baith airmies seen themselves as ae continuation o the Auld IRA. The Offeecial ERA offeecial disbanded in 1972 and the Proveesional IRA bides active the day houiver nae langer uses force and is conseederit tae be nou militarily inactive.