Border Campaign

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Tha Border Campaign was a meelitar campaign bi tha IRA in Northren Ireland frae 1956 tae 1962. It is kent as the Reseestance Campaign an aw or bi it's codename Operation Harvest. It's ettle wis tae ower thraw the Unitit Kinrick in Northren Ireland an mak the ae Unitit Ireland. It wis focussed on tairgets aboot the Erse border, maistly Breetish Airmy barracks. It feenished in 1962 efter it wis decidit tae hae been a failure. It wis follaed on bi the Ceevil Richts Muivement, thath in itsel lead on tae the Tribbles. It seen 11 IRA volunteers an 6 RUC deid alang wi 32 RUC woundit.