Erse Republic

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Erse Republic
Poblacht na hÉireann
(Saorstát Éireann)
Revolutionary state

Disputit wi the Unitit Kinrick


Banner Proclamation banner
Territory claimed bi the Erse Republic
Caipital Dublin
53°21′N 6°16′W / 53.350°N 6.267°W / 53.350; -6.267
Leids Erse, Inglis
Releegion Christianity (Catholicism, Anglicanism, Presbyterianism)
Government Republic
Preses o Dáil Éireann (tae August 1921)
Preses o the Erse Republic (frae August 1921)
 -  21 Jan–1 Apr 1919 Cathal Brugha
 -  Apr 1919–Jan 1922 Éamon de Valera
 -  Jan–Aug 1922 Arthur Griffith
 -  Aug–Dec 1922 W. T. Cosgrave
Legislatur Dáil
Historical era Interwar period
 -  Proclamation o the Erse Republic 24 Apryle 1916
 -  Unthirldom declared 21 Januar 1919
 -  Anglo-Erse Treaty adoptit 7 January 1922
 -  Erse Free State established 6 December 1922
 -  Claimed 84,116 km² (32,477 sq mi)
 -  1921 est. 4,400,000 
Siller Poond sterling
The day pairt o  Ireland
 Unitit Kinrick

The Erse Republic (Erse: Poblacht na hÉireann or Saorstát Éireann, English: Irish Republic) wis an unrecognised kintra that existit frae its declaration in 1916 tae the Anglo-Erse Treaty in 1921. It includit aw 32 coonties o Ireland that nou maks up the Republic o Ireland an Northren Ireland. It wis declared durin the Easter Risin bi the rebellion leaders. As Ireland at the time wis pairt o the Unitit Kinrick the Breetish Government wadna recogneese the kintra's independence. This lead tae the Erse War o Independence. Efter the war a treaty wis signed, sinderin Ireland intae twa kintras, Northren Ireland that wad bide pairt o the Unitit Kinrick an Soothren Ireland (syne the Erse Free State an syne Republic o Ireland) that wad be a domeenion athin the Breetish Empire. The signin o this treaty lead tae the Erse Ceevil War.