Erse Ceevil War

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Erse Ceevil War
Date28 Juin 1922 – 24 Mey 1923
(10 months, 3 weeks an 5 days)
LocationErse Free State

Pro-Treaty victory


Pro-treaty forces:

Supportit bi:

 Unitit Kinrick

Anti-treaty forces:

Commanders an leaders
Michael Collins
Richard Mulcahy
Liam Lynch
Frank Aiken
Naitional Airmy: ~55,000 soldiers an 3,500 afficers bi end o the war,
Air Service: 10 planes,
Erse Navy: 1 ship,
CID: 350
Casualties an losses
~800 Erse Naitional Airmy killed
3 Garda Síochána killed
4 CID an 2 Civic Guard (Accident/killed/DOW)
unkent ~1,000–3,000 killed
~12,000 taken preesoner[1]

Civilians: unkent, ~250 casualties in Dublin alone[2]

Tot Casualties 5000 [3]

The Erse Ceevil War wis a war focht in Ireland atween the Erse Airmy an the IRA frae 1922 tae 1923. The war follaed frae the Erse War o Independence an cam oot o a disagreement ower the signin o the Anglo-Erse Treaty. Ae side wis pro-treaty (Free State) an the ither anti-treaty (IRA). The war wis won bi the Free State.

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