Erse Weir o Unthirldom

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Tha No.2 3rd Tipperary Brigade Flyin Column durin the weir

The Erse Weir o Unthirldom (kent as tha Tan Weir or Anglo-Erse Weir an aw, Erse: Cogadh na Saoirse) wis a weir atween the Breetish Govrenment in Ireland an the IRA focht atween 1919 an 1921. It was focht unner the authority o the Dáíl, the Erse Pairliament. It resultit in a treaty atween the Unitit Kinrick an Ireland, the Anglo-Erse Treaty. It lead tae the makkin o Soothren Ireland, later Erse Free State an Northren Ireland. The weir wis follaed bi the Erse Ceevil War.