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1992 Honda Domani

The Honda Domani (Japanese:ホンダ・ドマーニ|ホンダ・ドマーニ) is a caur made bi Honda an marketit in east Asie, includin Japan. It wis introduced in November 1992, replacin the Concerto in Honda's lineup, although that model lastit till 1995 in Europe.

"Domani" is Italian for "tomorrow".

It is hivily based on the early 1990s version o the Honda Civic (chassis code EG) an production endit in September 2004.

The Domani saloon haed 1.5 an 1.8 ingines at first (frae 1992 tae 1993), then a 1.6i petrol ingine frae 1993 onwards. Trim levels wur DX, LX an EX.

On the domestic market the caur wis oaffered as a 4-door sedan. In Europe, 5-door hatchback an wagon variants wur available. They wur sold as pairt o the Honda Civic range alangside the existin Civics frae 1995 tae 2001.

The Honda Domani is sib tae the Rover 400 saloon, wi whilk it shared virtually aw its main components. Renamed the Rover 45 whan faceliftit in 1999, it wis an aa sold as a saloon, cawed the MG ZS, frae 2001.

The Rover/MG variant wis produced till MG Rover went intae administration in 2005. In Japan, the Domani wis an aa rebadged as the Isuzu Gemini.

An Acura version o the Domani wis an aa biggit in Canadae for the Canadian mercat, cawed the Acura 1.6 EL. This caur wis an aa exportit back tae Japan an Taiwan, but wi the Domani badgin. They are the same caur in the way that the Acura RL is the Honda Legend ootside o North Americae.

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