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The Honda Big Ruckus wis a scooter sauld in Canadae an the USA in 2005 an 2006. It wis marketit as a 'full-size' version o the popular 49 cc Ruckus/Zoomer scooter, wi a 249 cc ingine an seatin for twa. Unlik the smawer Ruckus, the Big Ruckus includit nae colour options. The 2005 model haed yellae tubin wi black panels, an the 2006 haed siller tubin wi black panels.

Distinctive features include a rear seat that folds up tae provide a backrest for a solo rider, a haund-lever parkin brake, an a linkt brake system, whaur the rear lever an aa actuates the front brakes.[1]

In Japan the Big Ruckus is kent as the PS250 an wis in production frae 2004 throu 2007. While the early models haed contrastin colour schemes o paintit tubes an black panels, the last models wur produced in solit colours ae, wi a choice o tan, dark green, an black.[2]

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