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2003 3 door 4WD vtec HR-V

The Honda HR-V is a mini SUV produced bi the Japanese automaker Honda frae 1999 tae 2006 an frae 2016 tae the present. The abbreviation HRV offeecially stands for High Rider Vehicle awtho whiles referred tae as Hybrid Recreation Vehicle. The HR-V wis introduced tae cater for the demand for vehicles wi the benefits o SUVs (in parteecular its bigger brither the Honda CR-V) sic as increased cargo room, higher visibility, alang wi the maneuverability, performance an fuel economy o a smawer car (sic as the Honda Civic). Its main competitors include the Toyota Rav4 an the Land Rover Freelander. Kent as ane o the earliest law emissions vehicles (in terms o nitrogen oxides) an unique character, the HR-V is nou considered ane o the first oreeginal crossower SUVs.

Oreeginally designed as the "Wild and Joyfull J-WJ" concept vehicle an exhibitit at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997, the HR-V emerged as a futuristic an lichtweight cross-kintra vehicle in 1998. The Honda HR-V wis suin put intae production due tae its popularity, an marketit toward a yunger demographic as the "Joy Machine" in 1999. The HR-V wis shipt tae Europe wi aither a 1.6L SOHC or a fower-wheel drive SOHC VTEC ingine. An automatic continuously variable transmission gearbox wis an' a' an ingine option, housomeivver, the main criticism o the HR-V wis the lack o a diesel ingine option. The three door versions wur discontinued in 2003 an five door versions in 2006. Unoffeecially, the Honda Crossroad (2008) is the follae up tae the HR-V.

The Real Time 4WD seestem comes frae the Honda CR-V an uises utilizes a Dual hydraulic Pump Rear Differential whaur the 4WD seestem is hydraulically activatit when the front wheels lose traction. The HR-V an aa uises enhanced drive shafts an suspension. Variations wur produced for Australie, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Pacific Rim an for its hame mercat o Japan. The HR-V wis revised in 2002 wi some exterior stylin chynges an a new interior. Ahead o its time in terms o design for pedestrian safety, the HR-V seats fower fowk an includes modren safety features sic as ABS brakes wi EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution), dual SRS (supplemental restraint seestem) airbags, as well as ither features sic as electric mirrors, electric windaes, foldin rear seats, pouer steerin, heat absorbin windaes, air conditionin, front fog lichts an a rear spoiler hoosin an LED brake licht array.

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