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1985 Honda Today
1993 Honda Today

This Honda Today wis a kei caur produced bi the Japanese automaker Honda beginnin in 1985. Its production endit in 1998.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Early[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first generation Today wis introduced in September 1985 as a three-door hatchback, on a wheelbase o 2,330 mm (91.7 in). The Today wis initially launcht wi three different model specifications, wi the entry model bein model 'F', followed bi a model 'M' an the tap o the range 'G'. It wis powered bi a 2-cylinder (watter-cooled) Honda EH series OHC 545 cc ingine, which wis the same as uised in the Acty truck. In a mercat whaur three-cylinder engines war the norm, it wis outdated an wis replaced bi a three-cylinder fower-valve 547 cc bi Februar 1988. The rear axle wis a torsion beam wi coil springs. Thegither wi the new regulations in Mairch, 1990 the bumpers war enlarged tae gie the car a lenth o 3,295 mm (129.7 in), an the ingine wis enlairged tae 656 cc. Bi Aprile 1990 came a permanent fower-wheel drive version wi an independent rear axle.

In Januar 1993, a redesigned Honda Today wis annoonced. The car did no hae a hatchback; in its place wis a trunk lid that opened dounwards lik the 1991 Civic three-door (the Today's rear windae daes no open). The interior is no symmetrical: the driver's seat is slichtly lairger than the front passenger seat. Thir features wur decidit on efter research indicatit that the caur's target audience wur maistly single yung weemen who aften drove alane, wi little need for cargo space. Initially ae available as a twa-door, in Mey 1993 a fower-door version wis addit, named the Today Associe.

The 1993 Today wis available wi twa ingines, a standard 657 cc three-cylinder fuel injection ingine, an a hicht ootput version o the same ingine wi MTREC technology, borrowed frae the Honda Beat. Baith ingines wur available wi aither a five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic gearbox. Aw wheel drive (uisin realtime 4WD technology) wis available wi the Q trim level.

For the Today's early-1996 facelift, Honda eliminatit the pickup-style rear door, an replaced it wi a proper hatchback door. This necessitatit some redesign in the rear end, acause the rear windae haed oreeginally wrapt aroond tae the sides.

End[eedit | eedit soorce]

In licht o the Suzuki Wagon R's success, Honda an' a' devised a minivan-esque kei caur cawed the Honda Life. The first Honda Life launcht in 1997. When the kei caur regulations chynged in October 1998, necessitatin a redesign, the Life received a redesign, while the Today wis axt for guid.

Media appearances[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Honda Today featurt frequently in Kōsuke Fujishima's anime an manga "You're Under Arrest!" as the main transport for the lead chairacters. The vehicle featurt wis a hichtlie personalized police mini patrol caur wi nitrous oxide, turbo an various ither modifications.

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