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This airticle is aboot the toun in the Unitit Kinrick. For the suburb o Perth, see High Wycombe, Wastren Australie.
High Wycombe
Crest of High Wycombe, UK.svg
Crest of High Wycombe.
Motto: "Industria ditat" "Industry enriches"
High Wycombe Guildhall 2.JPG
High Wycombe Guildhall, located at the end of the High Street
High Wycombe is locatit in Buckinghamshire
High Wycombe
High Wycombe
High Wycombe shawn within Buckinghamshire
Population 120,256 [1]
OS grid reference SU867929
Shire coonty
Kintra England
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun High Wycombe
Postcode destrict HP10-15
Diallin code 01494
Polis Thames Valley
Fire Buckinghamshire
Ambulance Sooth Central
EU Pairlament Sooth East Ingland
UK Pairlament
Wabsteid www.wycombe.gov.uk
List of places
51°37′43″N 0°44′54″W / 51.628661°N 0.748238°W / 51.628661; -0.748238Coordinates: 51°37′43″N 0°44′54″W / 51.628661°N 0.748238°W / 51.628661; -0.748238

High Wycombe (/ˌh ˈwɪkəm/),[2] often referred to as Wycombe, is a lairge toun in Buckinghamshire, Ingland. It is 29 miles (47 km) wast north wast o Charing Cross in Lunnon; this information is engravit on the Corn Market biggin in the centre o the town an aw. Accordin tae the 2011 census High Wycombe haes a population o 120,256 makkin it the seicont lairgest toun in the coonty o Buckinghamshire efter Milton Keynes. The High Wycombe Urban Aurie, the conurbation o which the toun is the laurgest component, haes a population o 133,204.

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High Wycombe is twinned wi:

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