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Aerial View of Slough Trading Estate.JPG
The Slough Trading Estate
Population burgh 119,070 (2001)
Urban aurie 141,848 [1]
OS grid reference SU978797
• London 22 mi (35 km) E
Unitary authority
Ceremonial coonty
Kintra Ingland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun SLOUGH
Postcode destrict SL1-SL3
Diallin code 01753
Polis Thames Valley
Fire Royal Berkshire
Ambulance Sooth Central
EU Pairlament Sooth East Ingland
UK Pairlament
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Slough Listeni/ˈsl/ is a burgh an unitary authority athin the ceremonial coonty o Ryal Berkshire, Ingland. The toun straddles the A4 Bath Road (it becomes the Great West Road closer tae Lunnon) an the Great Western Main Line, 22 miles (35 km) wast o central Lunnon. At the 2001 census, the population o Slough wis 119,070 (est. 122,000 in 2006) an the burgh aurie wis the maist ethnically diverse local authority aurie ootside Lunnon in the Unitit Kinrick.[2] Slough has the highest proportion of religious adherents in England.[3]

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