Henry II, Haly Roman Emperor

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Henry II
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Henry II, Haly Roman Emperor
Haly Roman Emperor
RingFebruar 14, 1014 – Julie 13, 1024
CoronationFebruar 14, 1014
Auld St. Peter's Basilica, Roum
PredecessorOtto III
SuccessorConrad II
Keeng o Italy
RingMay 15, 1004 – Julie 13, 1024
CoronationMey 15, 1004
Pavia, Kinrick o Italy
PredecessorOtto III
SuccessorConrad II
Keeng o Germany
ReingJuin 7, 1002 – Julie 13, 1024
CoronationJuin 7, 1002
Mainz, Kinrick o Germany
PredecessorOtto III
SuccessorConrad II
Duke o Bavarie
PredecessorHenry II
SuccessorHenry V
BornMey 6, 973
Bavarie, Germany, Haly Roman Empire
Dee'd13 Julie 1024(1024-07-13) (aged 51)
Göttingen, Germany, Haly Roman Empire
SpouseCunigunde o Luxembourg
FaitherHenry II, Duke o Bavarie
MitherGisela o Burgundy
ReleegionRoman Catholic

Henry II (6 Mey 973 – 13 Julie 1024), forby kent as Saunt Henry, Obl. S. B.,[a] wis Haly Roman Emperor ("Romanorum Imperator") frae 1014 till his daith in 1024 an the last member o the Ottonian dynasty o Emperors as he had no bairns.

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