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Hampton Roads

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Hampton Roads
Hampton Roads
KintraUnitit States
State(s) - Virginie
 - North Carolina
Lairgest ceetyVirginia Beach
Ither ceeties - Norfolk
 - Chesapeake
 - Newport News
 - Hampton
 - Portsmouth
 - Suffolk
 - Poquoson
 - Williamsburg
 • Total1,364 km2 (526.8 sq mi)
Highest elevation
N/A m (N/A ft)
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 • Total1,707,369 (2,013 estimate)
 • Rank37th in the U.S.
 • Density1022/km2 (2647/sq mi)

Hampton Roads is the name o baith a bouk o watter an a metropolitan aurie in Sootheastren Virginie, United States. It is made up o Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA metropolitan aurie. Hampton Roads is kent for its militar bases, its ice-free harbor, shipyards, an coal piers. It haes miles o watterfront property an beaches an aw.

The bouk o watter kent as Hampton Roads is ane o the warld's lairgest natural harbors. In fact it is a roadstead or "roads" (a bouk o watter ootside a harbor whaur ships can wait). It is shapit bi the mooths o several rivers. The watter o Hampton Roads empties intae the Chesapeake Bay[1]

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