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OreiginMadrid, Spain
Daith metal
Years active1990–present
LabelsMorbid Records
Relapse Records
Past membersEmilio

Haemorrhage is a five-piece goregrind baund frae Madrid, Spain.


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Formit in 1990 as Devourment, Haemorrhage began its life as a trio, wi Jose on bass an vocals, Luisma on guitar, an Emilio on drums, tho this anerlie lastit till the simmer o 1991, when Emilio left the baund. The group suin reformit, this time as duo, wi Luisma again playin the role o guitarist an Jose takkin ower as drummer, wi baith performin vocals, an released thair first demo as Haemorrhage, Grotesque Embryopathology. Near the end o 1993, Lugubrious an Ramon jynt the baund as vocalist an bassist, respectively. Atween 1994 an 1995, Haemorrhage recordit a seiven sang promo tape, which wis sent tae Morbid Records an resultit in a twa-album contract, walcomit guitarist Ana, an recordit thair first release, Emetic Cult. Housomeivver, Jose left in the follaein year due tae personal issues an wis replacit bi Rojas. Efter releasin five studio albums on Morbid Records the baund get signed tae Relapse Records which put oot thair new disc "Hospital Carnage".

Haemorrhage are, lik mony goregrind baunds, hivily influencit bi Carcass, yet still hae an identity aw thair awn. Live shows teepically featur baund members sportin surgeon's ootfits an vocalist Lugubrious covered in bluid, which is common in goregrind an daith metal scenes. Airtwirk is amaist exclusively done bi guitarist Luisma.


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Studio albums

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  • Emetic Cult (1995)
  • Grume (1996)
  • Anatomical Inferno (1998)
  • Scalpel, Scissors, and Other Forensic Instruments (2000)
  • Loathesongs (2001)
  • Morgue Sweet Home (2002)
  • Apology for Pathology (2006)
  • Haematology-the singles collection(2008)
  • Hospital Carnage (2011)

Demos, singles an EPs

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