Relapse Records

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Relapse Records
FoonderMatthew F. Jacobson
Kintra o oreeginUnitit States
LocationUpper Darby, Pennsylvania

Relapse Records is an independent record label based in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The label wis stairtit bi Matthew F. Jacobson in August 1990 in his parents' basement in Aurora, Colorado. The first twa releases on the label wir 7-inch singles bi the baunds Velcro Overdose an Face of Decline, closely follaed bi three daith metal baunds that wad become amang the biggest on the label, Deceased, Suffocation, an Incantation.

Jacobson stairtit Relapse Records on a release-bi-release basis an wisna expectin ony far-reachin extensive plan for the future, till ane day he realized that there coud be a future for the label ayont his awn labor o love. He uised his extensive leet o contacts that he gained frae his wirk at fanzine, Horrendlfled, tae netwirk no anerlie the label but an aa the airtists Matthew haed signed.

Efter this, Jacobson became acquaintit wi William Yurkiewicz Jr., who became his pairtner in the record label. Yurkiewicz haed foondit his awn record label, which wis suin tae release albums frae the baunds General Surgery, Disrupt, Destroy, Misery, an Yurkiewicz's awn baund Exit-13. The twa joined forces tae create Relapse Records, aimin tae release heich-quality, professionally packaged extreme muisic.

In 1991, the label moved their heidquarters tae Millersville, Pennsylvania. In 1992, the label expandit its range wi the creation o its subsidiary label called Release Entertainment, which specializes in experimental, ambient, industrial, an noise titles. Wi continued growth came a mail-order/wholesale operation that suin became the lairgest unnergrund distribution center for aw things metal in the Unitit States. The mail-order service carried a wide array o extreme muisic recordins an merchandise, as well as publications frae aroond the warld.

Throughoot the years Relapse haes continued tae grow an sign on mair influential airtists frae a broader range o genres. In 1996, Relapse unveiled the Resound Music Resource Guide. Resound gave fans direct access tae the label's roster through interviews an reviews, as well as being pairt mail-order catalog.

In 1998, Relapse opened a promotions office in Berlin, as well as establishin a German Distribution deal. The seicont milestone came in 2003 when the first iver Relapse Contamination Festival wis held Januar 18 an 19 at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania an featured various Relapse airtists. In 2000, the label relocatit tae Upper Darby, ootside o Philadelphia an began plans tae include a pheesical record store. In Juin 2001, the label opened their first record store aff o South Street in Philadelphia, near several ither notable unnergrund record stores.

Muisical style[eedit | eedit soorce]

The label specializes in various types o hivy metal. Recently, wi the increasin popularity o extreme metal, Relapse Records haes ostensibly become mair mainstream, wi baunds on their roster frequently appearin on the front cover o the magazine Kerrang! an video plays on TV muisic channels, alang wi some albums chairtin on the Billboard 200. The wird haes an aa been spread bi the sponsorship o such festivals as the Milwaukee Metalfest.

It wad be haurd housomeivver tae label the company as dealin in ane specific style or anither as there are airtists o such a wide variety on their roster, rangin frae stoner rock an hardcore baunds through grindcore an daith metal rict the way tae retro thrash metal an doom metal. If you wur tae factor in the offeecially licensed reissues the label haes an aa released then you wad an aa hae tae add anither cavalcade o different genres intae the definition o their "style."

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