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Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Greenwich is located in Greater Lunnon
Location within Greater Lunnon
OS grid referenceTQ395775
Lunnon burgh
Ceremonial coontyGreater Lunnon
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounLONDON
Postcode destrictSE10 & some parts of SE8
Diallin code020
EU PairlamentGreater London
UK Pairlament
Lunnon Assemmly
Leet o places
51°29′N 0°00′E / 51.48°N 0.00°E / 51.48; 0.00Coordinates: 51°29′N 0°00′E / 51.48°N 0.00°E / 51.48; 0.00

Greenwich (UK Listeni/[unsupported input]ɡrɪnɪ/[1][2][3] US /ɡrɛnɪ/ or /ɡrɛnɪ/[4][5][6] is a destrict o sooth-east Lunnon, Ingland, locatit in the Royal Borough of Greenwich an situatit 5.5 mile (8.9 km) east sooth-east o Charing Cross.

Greenwich is notable for its maritime history an for givin its name tae the Greenwich Meridian (0° langitude) an Greenwich Mean Time. The toun became the steid o a ryal palace, the Palace of Placentia frae the 15t century, an wis the birthplace o mony in the Hoose o Tudor, includin Henry VIII an Elizabeth I. The palace fell intae disrepair durin the Inglis Ceevil War an wis rebuilt as the Royal Naval Hospital for Sailors bi Sir Christopher Wren an his assistant Nicholas Hawksmoor. These biggins became the Royal Naval College in 1873, an they remained an establishment for militar education till 1998 when they passed intae the haunds o the Greenwich Foundation. The historic rooms athin these biggins remain open tae the public; ither biggins are uised bi University of Greenwich an Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

The toun became a popular resort in the 17t century an mony grand hooses wur built thare, such as Vanbrugh Castle (1717) established on Maze Hill, next tae the pairk. Frae the Georgian period estates o hooses wur constructit abuin the toun centre. The maritime connections o Greenwich wur celebratit in the 20t century, wi the steidin o the Cutty Sark an Gipsy Moth IV next tae the river front, an the National Maritime Museum in the umwhile biggins o the Royal Hospital School in 1934. Greenwich formit pairt o Kent till 1889 when the County of London wis creatit.


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