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Googoosh durin a concert in Canadae
Background information
Birth nameFaegheh Atashin
Born (1950-05-05) 5 Mey 1950 (age 73)
OreiginTehran, Iran
GenresPersie pop
ThriftSangster, actress
Years active1953–1979, 2000–present
LabelsAvang, Caltex, MZM, Pars Video, Taraneh

Faegheh Atashin (Persie: فائقه آتشین‎, Azerbaijani: Faiqə Atəşin, born on 5 Mey 1950 in Tehran) kent bi her stage name Googoosh (Persie: گوگوش‎, Azerbaijani: Ququş) an aw is an Iranian sangster an actress. She is kent for her contreibutions tae Persie pop muisic, but starred in a variety o movies frae the 1950s tae the 1970s an aw.[1] She achievit the pinnacle o her fame an success towards the end o the 1970s. Her oweraw impact an contreibutions tae Middle Eastren an Central Asie pop-muisic earned her the title o the maist iconic female pop-sangster frae those regions.[2] Due tae her great talents an oweraw endearment tae her fowk, she is a seembol o naitional pride tae the Iranian fowk.

Efter the Iranian Revolution in 1979, she is famously kent for remainin in Iran till 2000 an no performin again due tae the ban on female sangsters. Still, her follaein grew. Younger fowk hae rediscovered her muisic via bootleg recordins.[3] Ootside o Iran, she haes a significant follaein in mony Middle Eastren an Central Asie kintras, an haes even caucht the attention o wastren media an press.[4]

Awards[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1971: first prize an gowden record at the Midem trade fair in Cannes for her 7" record (as "Gougoush") featurin twa sangs in French: "Retour de la Ville" (A-side) an "J'entends Crier Je T'aime" (B-side).[5][6]
  • 1972: First prize at the Carthage Music Festival
  • 1972: First medal o airts o Tunisie[6]
  • 1973: The best actress for Bita in Iranian Sepas film festival.[6]
  • 1973: The best airtist o the year at San Remo Music Festival.[7]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

She haed ane brither who, at the age o 24, wis struck bi hert rheumatism an dee'd. She haes three hauf-brithers on her faither's side an a brither an sister on her mither's side.

Googoosh's first husband wis Mahmoud Ghorbani. He wis a muisic promoter who haed helpit Googoosh mak a name for hersel throuoot the '60s. Thay marriet in Februar 1967.[8] Thay haed a son, Kambiz,[8] who currently lives in Los Angeles an who is in the muisic industrie an aw. Efter aboot sax years o marriage, Ghorbani an Googoosh divorcit in late 1972.[8]

In 1975, Googoosh marriet Iranian actor Behrouz Vossoughi.[8] Thay divorcit fowerteen months later, in 1976. Durin thair brief marriage thay wur considered tae be the kintra's biggest celebrity pouer couple.

Durin the late 1970s, Googoosh became involvit wi Homayoun Mestaghi, but efter the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Googoosh servit a three-month jyle sentence acause she wis livin wi him ootside o marriage, which wis illegal unner the Islamic regime. Several years later, Googoosh divorcit Mestaghi. She then marriet director Masoud Kimiai in 1991.[8] Thay divorcit[8] in 2003.[9]

Googoosh is rumored tae reside in a fower-bedroom, fower-bath hame in Beverly Crest, which she bocht for $1.37 million frae Jack M. Snyder an Stephanie E. Snyder on 13 Aprile 2011.[10]

Filmografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Persie Title[11] Inglis Title
1960 Fereşte-ye färari (فرشتۀ فراری) Runaway Angel
Bim vä omid / Bim o omid (بیم و امید) Fear and Hope
1963 Pärtgah-e mäxuf (پرتگاه مخوف) The Cliff of Fear
1965 Şeytun-e bäla (شیطون بلا) The Naughty One
1966 Gedayan-e Tehran (گدايان تهران) The Beggars of Tehran
Fil vä fencan / Fil o fencan (فيل و فنجان) Big and Small
Hoseyn-e Kord (حسين كرد) Hoseyn-e Kord
1967 Çähar xahär (چهار خواهر) Four Sisters (wi Leila Forouhar)
Därvazeh-e täqdir (دروازه تقدير) The Gate of Fate
Gänc o ränc (گنج و رنج) Treasure and Toil
Där costocu-ye täbähkaran (در جستجوی تبهكاران) On the Search for Criminals
1968 Se divane (سه ‌دیوانه) The Three Morons
Şäb-e fereştegan (شب فرشتگان) The Night of Angels
Setare-ye häft aseman (ستاره هفت آسـمان) The Star of Seven Skies
1969 Gonah-e zibayi (گناه زيبايی) The Sin of Beauty
1970 Tolu (طلوع) Sunrise
Cäncal-e ärusi (جنجال عروسی) The Wedding Brawl
Päncere (پنجره) The Window
1971 Ehsas-e daq (احساس داغ) Hot Feeling
Asemun-e bi setare (آسـمون بی ستاره) Starless Sky
Qesas (قصاص) Retaliation
1972 Bita (بیتا) Bita
1973 Xiyalat-i (خیالاتی) Imaginings
1975 Hämsäfär (هـمسفر) Travelling Mate
Nazänin (نازنین) Nazänin
Mämäl-e Amrikayi (مـَمَل آمریکایی) American Mammal
Şäb-e qäriban (شب غریبان) Nostalgic Night
1976 Mah-e äsäl (ماه عسل) Honeymoon
1977 Där emtedad-e şäb (در امتداد شب) Along the Night
1979 Emşäb äşki mirizäd (امشب اشکی می ریزد) Tonight Someone Cries

Googoosh actit in twa ither movies: Märd-e keraye-i (مرد کرایه ای) an Haci Feyruz (حاجی فیروز), but the production o each o thir films wis suspendit durin the feenal stages for unkent raisons. Googoosh haes actit in mony telly shows an grund-breakin commercials in Iran.

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