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Persie pop muisic

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Persie pop muisic (kent as Iranian pop muisic or Farsipop an aw) refers tae pop muisic wi sangs in the Persie leid or ither regional leids o Iran an Afghanistan. Awtho Persie pop muisic oreeginatit in Iran, it is listened tae throuoot Tajikistan an Afghanistan an aw, an notably bi the Afghan an Iranian diaspora in Americae an Europe.

Contemporar Persie Pop in Iran[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bijan Mortazavi

In the 1990s, Iranian offeecials decidit tae produce an promote a "decent" pop muisic tae compete wi the informal mainstream Persie pop muisic, maistly producit in Californie (sae-cried "LA-type" muisic). Ali Moallem (a poet)[1] an Fereydoun Shahbazian (a muisicker) heidit a cooncil at IRIB that supervisit the revival o domestic pop muisic.[2] Sangsters sic as Shadmehr Aghili, Bijan Mortazavi Khashayar Etemadi, Mohammad Isfahani, wur amang the first sangsters who got significant support, includin promotion bi naitional TV, tae produce new pop sangs. Domestic pop muisic receivit a wairm walcome bi mony fowk, while it wis creeticisit bi the elites as "superficial muiic" (in the sense o leerics, muisic, an the cultural impact). Unhappy wi common trends, Shahbazian decidit tae quit an offeecially join the creetics o this muisic efter a while.[3]

Pop muisic in Iran is subject tae strict regulation. A permit frae the Iranian Meenistry o Cultur an Islamic Guidance (kent as Ershaad an aw) is needit tae perform or publish muisic.[4] Offeecially, thare is a three-year waitin period for each album tae get a permit. Thay eventually got it.

As a result o easin cultural restrictions athin Iran unner preses Mohammad Khatami, a nummer o Persie pop sangsters hae emergit frae athin the kintra. Iver syne the current admeenistration teuk office, the Meenistry o Cultur an Islamic Guidance haes adoptit a different policy, mainly tae mak it easier tae monitor the industrie. The new policy includit loosenin restrictions for a smaw nummer o airtists, while tichtenin it for the rest. Even tho it haes acome mair difficult for airtists tae get an album permit, the nummer o album releases haes increased nanetheless. This is acause airtists hae stairtin askin permits for thair next album, even if thay hae no received ane for thair previous album yet.[5]

At the end o 2009, Sirvan Khosravi wis the first (domestic) Iranian airtist tae get heich-rotation airplay on a regular radio station in Europe.[6] He made his debut wi the title sang o his seicont album Saate 9,[7] which made headlines in the Iranian on-line media an aw.[8][9] Late August 2010, Farzad Farzin made his European chairt debut wi the seicont sang Chikeh Chikeh frae his third legal album Shaans.[10] Sirvan Khosravi made a No.1 hit wi the sang "Na Naro" for the seicont time in 2012 on the FunX Radio Station.[11]

Some major contemporar Persie pop airtists in Iran include:

Arian, the first Persie pop muisic baund, wis formit efter the Iranian revolution an hae haed huge success syne then. Aryan baund stairtit a new chapter o Iranian pop muisic. Thair debut album, "Gole Aftabgardoon" (The Sunflower) wis released in 2000. The album haed huge success in Iran.

Anither buist o Persie pop muisic is representit bi wirk o figurs lik Alireza Eftekhari. Eftekhari amang a few ithers put significant effort in formin a new genre o Iranian pop muisic. Referrin tae the difficulties in this wey, he ance statit: "In order to introduce pop music to Iranian music culture, I have made myself a scapegoat."[16]

Contemporar Iranian pop in the Unitit States[eedit | eedit soorce]

Irish pop sangster Chris de Burgh joined Arian on thair 2007 Album.

In the 1980s an 1990s, a nummer o Persie pop starns (mainly) based in Los Angeles, mony o whom wur born oot o Iran or haed livit the majority o thair lives ootside o Iran, began tae gain fame. This new wave o Persie pop muisic aften combined elements o American muisic an cultur, as well as Latino cultur, tae form a new blend o muisic distinct frae earlier periods. The influence o Techno muisic especially haes been vera strang. Some major airtists include:

The Gowden Age o Persie Pop Muisic[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Iran, afore the emergence in the early 1950s o Viguen Derderian, the muisic industrie wis dominatit bi Persie classical sangsters. Then Viguen, kent as the "keeng o jazz", ushered in a revolution that coincidit wi the emergence o a new, wastren-influencit middle class.[17]

Persie pop muisic wis developit bi the 1970s, uisin indigenous graiths an forms an addin electric guitar an ither importit characteristics; the maist popular muisicker o this period wis Googoosh. The Gowden Age o Persie pop muisic did no last vera lang, tho, an wis banned athin Iran efter the 1979 revolution.

Mony Iranians fled tae foreign kintras, especially Los Angeles in the Unitit States, an mony continued tae sing in exile. Mony o the popular muisic TV, radio channels an wabsteids operates ootside Iran (aired throu various satellites). Thir broadcast companies play a vera important role in promotin an connectin Iranian pop airtists tae the Iranians aw ower the warld.[18]

Some o the tap figurs o the gowden era o Iranian pop muisic include:

Googoosh 2011 in Cupertino, Ane o the notable faces o this era who continued thair career.

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Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • http://www.pmc.tv (Popular TV, Radio an Online Muisic Channel in Iran that helps Persian Singers promote thair sangs)