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Fresh watter

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Fresh watter, alsae kent as freshwatter or fresh-watter, is watter that disna haev a lot o saut in it.

Whan fowk say fresh watter, thay are maist likelie talkin anent watter fae the lochs, rivers, snaw, an ice. It can mean watter that fowk can drink forby. Aw bes it drinkin the watter fae the snaw completely frozen first athoot a little meltin is verra bad fur ye. The oceans an seas are makit up o saut watter, that fowk canna drink. But fowk canna drink aw fresh watter, acause it micht na be clean an mey hae bacteria athin it, wha are wee leevin things that can cause diseases. Fresh watter that fowk can drink saufly is cried potable water.

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