Fredrik Nordström

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Fredrik Nordström
Fredrik Nordström performin live in 2010
Background information
Born (1967-01-05) 5 Januar 1967 (age 57)
GenresHivy metal, pouer metal
ThriftProducer, engineer, guitarist, sangwriter
InstrumentsGuitar, keybuird, piano
Years active1992-
LabelsCentury Media
Associate actsDream Evil

Björn Tom Fredrik Nordström,[1] born on 5 Januar 1967, is a Swadish record producer an guitar player for the hivy metal baund Dream Evil.[2] Nordström is ane o the leadin melodic daith metal producers in Swaden, an he haes wirkit wi some o the genre's top acts, includin At the Gates,[3] Arch Enemy,[4] Nightrage,[5] Dark Tranquillity,[6] In Flames,[7] Soilwork,[8] and Opeth.[9]

Fascinatit bi technology frae a young age, Nordström opened a sma recording studio in Gothenburg, Swaden, mainly tae record his awn muisic. The studio evolvit intae Studio Fredman, ane o the leadin Swadish recordin studios whaur he wirks wi his employee Henrik Udd.

In 1999 Nordström formit the hivy metal baund Dream Evil tae perform his awn muisic, an as o 2012 the baund haes released five albums, ane live DVD/CD set an twa EPs. The day he is considered ane o the top metal producers in Europe, an ane o the central figurs o the Gothenburg style.

Nordstrom wis born an raised in Sandviken, Gävleborg. Syne 1995, he haes livit in Stockholm.

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