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OreiginAngers, Fraunce
GenresDaith metal, Thrash metal
Years active1996–present
LabelsListenable Records
MembersFranck Potvin
David Potvin
Vins Perdicaro
Clément Rouxel
Past membersDirk Verbeuren
Gaël Feret
Eguil Voisin
Gweltaz Kerjan
Clément Decrock

Lyzanxia is a French hivy metal baund that combine thrash metal wi elements o daith metal.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lyzanxia wur formit in 1996 bi the Potvin brothers. Thay quickly recordit thair first demo, RIP My Skin, it displayed the baund's potential. In 1997 the baund producit an 11 sang demo entitled Lullaby that introducit them tae the press an unnergrund scene. Thay then stairtit tae play wi groups sic as Edge of Sanity, Disfear, Loudblast an No Return.

For thair first album: Eden, thay recruitit ane o the better kent producers in European metal: Fredrik Nordström. The album wis released in 2000 tae creetical acclaim an guid reviews (6/6 Hard Rock: Fraunce, 84/100 Burrn!: Japan). Twa videos wur released tae promote the album: "Bewitched" an "Dream Feeder".

In 2002 Lyzanxia recordit thair seicont album, Mindcrimes. The group wirked again wi Nordström an the Potvin brithers travelled tae Gothenburg, Swaden tae mix the sangs wi Nordström an master the album wi Goran Finnberg. Tae support the album, Lyzanxia released twa videos, "Silence Code" an "Medulla Need". Thay toured wi Shaman an Behemoth tae promote the album.

In 2006 Lyzanxia signed wi Listenable Records. Thay recordit an released thair album Unsu. The baund ance again wirked wi Nordström (who ance again mixed the album) an recently toured wi Exit Ten an Soilwork tae promote it.

In 2010 Lyzanxia released thair fift studio album Locust. The muisical style is based continue tae wirk closely tae the rules o thrash metal. The album wis mastered bi Björn Engelmann an lik mony albums, it wis producit bi Nordström. It wis released bi XIII BIS Records.

Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current members

  • Franck Potvin - guitars an vocals
  • David Potvin - guitars an vocals
  • Perdicaro Wines - bass
  • Clement Decrock - drums

Session muisickers/umwhile members

  • Gaël Feret - Drums
  • Close Eguil - Bass
  • Gweltaz Kerjan - Drums
  • Dirk Verbeuren - Drums

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1996: RIP My Skin (demo)
  • 1997: Lullaby (demo)
  • 2000: Eden
  • 2003: Mindcrimes
  • 2006: Unsu
  • 2010: Locust

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