Frederick William III o Proushie

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Frederick William III
Frid-Wil III Kruger.jpg
Equestrian portrait o Frederick William III;
Bi Franz Krüger, 1831
Keeng o Proushie
Ring 16 November 1797 – 7 Juin 1840
Predecessor Frederick William II
Successor Frederick William IV
Elector of Brandenburg
Ring 16 November 1797 – 6 August 1806
Predecessor Frederick William II
Successor Electorship abolished
Born 3 August 1770
Potsdam, Proushie
Dee'd 7 Juin 1840 (aged 69)
Berlin, Proushie
Spouse Luise o Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Auguste von Harrach (morganatic)
Hoose Hoose o Hohenzollern
Faither Frederick William II
Mither Frederika Louisa o Hesse-Darmstadt
Releegion Calvinism
Evangelical Christian Kirk (syne 1817)
Seegnatur Frederick William III's signature

Frederick William III (German: Friedrich Wilhelm III) (3 August 1770 – 7 Juin 1840) wis keeng o Proushie frae 1797 tae 1840.