Frederick William II o Proushie

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Frederick William II
Frederick Wilhelm II.png
Frederick Wilhelm II pentit bi Anton Graff, c. 1792
Keeng o Proushie
Elector o Brandenburg
Ring17 August 1786 – 16 November 1797
PredecessorFrederick II
SuccessorFrederick William III
Born25 September 1744
Stadtschloss, Berlin, Proushie
Dee'd16 November 1797(1797-11-16) (aged 53)
Marmorpalais, Potsdam, Proushie
BuirialBerliner Dom
SpouseElisabeth Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Frederika Louisa o Hesse-Darmstadt
Julie von Voß (morganatic)
Sophie von Dönhoff (morganatic)
IssuePrincess Frederica Charlotte, Duchess o York an Albany
Frederick William III
Prince Louis
Wilhelmine, Queen o the Netherlands
Auguste, Electress o Hesse
Prince Charles
Prince Wilhelm
HooseHoose o Hohenzollern
FaitherPrince Augustus William o Proushie
MitherDuchess Luise o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Frederick William II (German: Friedrich Wilhelm II.; 25 September 1744 – 16 November 1797) wis King o Proushie, frae 1786 till his daith.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Frederick William III o Proushie (1770–1840) mairit Luise o Mecklenburg-Strelitz an haed issue.
  2. Princess Christine o Proushie (1772–1773)
  3. Prince Ludwig Karl o Proushie (1773–1796) mairit Friederike o Mecklenburg-Strelitz an haed issue.
  4. Princess Wilhelmine o Proushie (1774–1837) mairit William I o the Netherlands an haed issue.
  5. Stillborn son (born and died 1777)
  6. Princess Auguste o Proushie (1780–1841); mairit William II, Elector o Hesse.
  7. Prince Henry o Proushie (1781–1846)
  8. Prince Wilhelm o Proushie (1783–1851) mairit Princess Marie Anna o Hesse-Homburg an haed issue.