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Prince Frederik o the Netherlands

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Prince Frederik
Born28 Februar 1797(1797-02-28)
Dee'd8 September 1881(1881-09-08) (aged 84)
SpousePrincess Luise o Proushie
IssueLouise, Queen o Swaden an Norawa
Prince Frederik
Prince Willem
Marie, Princess o Wied
Full name
Willem Frederik Karel
FaitherWilliam I o the Netherlands
MitherWilhelmine o Proushie
ReleegionDutch Reformed Church

Prince Frederik o the Netherlands (Willem Frederik Karel; 28 Februar 1797 – 8 September 1881) wis a son o William I o the Netherlands an faither-in-law o Keeng Charles XV o Swaden.


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Prince Frederik mairit In Berlin on 21 Mey 1825 he mairit Princess Luise o Proushie, dochter o Frederick William III o Proushie.

  1. Princess Louise o the Netherlands (5 August 1828 in – 30 Mairch 1871), mairit Charles XV o Swaden an haed issue.
  2. Willem o the Netherlands (6 Julie 1833 – 1 November 1834)
  3. Prince Frederik o the Netherlands (22 August 1836 – 23 Januar 1846)
  4. Princess Marie o the Netherlands (5 Julie 1841 – 22 Juin 1910) mairit William, Prince o Wied an haed issue.

Teetles and Styles

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  • 28 Februar 1797 – 8 September 1881 His Ryal Highness Prince Frederik o the Netherlands, Prince o Orange-Nassau.