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Frederick William IV o Proushie

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Frederick William IV
Frederick William IV o Proushie
Keeng o Proushie
Ring7 Juin 1840 – 2 Januar 1861
PredecessorFrederick William III
SuccessorWilliam I
Born15 October 1795
Croun Prince's Pailace, Berlin, Proushie
Dee'd2 January 1861 (age 65)
BuirialCrypt o the Friedenskirche, Sanssouci Pairk, Potsdam[1] (Heart in the Mausoleum at Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin)[2]
SpouseElisabeth Ludovika o Bavarie
HooseHoose o Hohenzollern
FaitherFrederick William III o Proushie
MitherLuise o Mecklenburg-Strelitz
ReleegionEvangelical Christian Kirk
SeegnaturFrederick William IV's signature

Frederick William IV (German: Friedrich Wilhelm IV.; 15 October 1795 – 2 Januar 1861), the eldest son an successor o Frederick William III o Proushie, reigned as King o Proushie frae 1840 tae 1861.

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