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Franz Boas

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Franz Boas
Born9 Julie 1858(1858-07-09)
Minden, Westphalie, Germany[1]
Dee'd21 December 1942(1942-12-21) (aged 84)
New York, U.S.
EddicationPh.D. in Pheesics, Varsity o Kiel (1881)
Hauf-marrae(s)Marie Krackowizer Boas (1861–1929)
  • Helene Boas Yampolsky (1888–1963)
  • Ernst Philip Boas (1891–1955)
  • Hedwig Boas (1893/94)
  • Gertrud Boas (1897–1924)
  • Henry Herbert Donaldson Boas (1899–1925)
  • Marie Franziska Boas (1902–1987)
  • Meier Boas (1823–1899),
  • Sophie Meyer Boas (1828–1916)

Franz Uri Boas (/ˈfrɑːnz ˈb.æz/; German: [ˈboːas]; July 9, 1858 – December 21, 1942)[2] wis a German-American[3] anthropologist an a pioneer o modren anthropology who has been called the "Father of American Anthropology".[4][5]


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