Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay

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Fernando de la Mora
Fernando de la Mora
Skyline of Fernando de la Mora


Fernando de la Mora is locatit in Paraguay
Fernando de la Mora
Fernando de la Mora
Location in Paraguay
Coordinates: 25°19′12″S 57°32′24″W / 25.32000°S 57.54000°W / -25.32000; -57.54000
Kintra Paraguay
Depairtment Central
Foondit 28 Februar 1939
 • Intendente Municipal Edgar Ramón Quintana
 • Tot 29 km2 (11 sq mi)
Elevation 143 m (469 ft)
 • Tot 162,652
 • Density 5,600/km2 (15,000/sq mi)
Demonym Fernandinos
Postal code 2300
Area code(s) (595)(021)

Fernando de la Mora is a ceety locatit in the Central Depairtment, an is pairt o the metropolitan area o Asunción. The ceety is ane o the maist populatit o the kintra, wi more than 200,000 inhabitants.

It is a ceety that takes vera guid care o the natural spaces an tries tae respect an applee aw the laws in defence o the environs.

The ceety is dividit in twa regions: the sooth aurie an the north aurie, wi a total surface o 21 square kilometres. It is crossed frae North tae sooth bi mony paved streets an avenues, such as Zavala Cue, Pitiantuta, 10 de Julio, Las Residentas, amang ithers.

It haes a total number o 62 green spaces.

It haes a sports center well equippit, a fitbaa court for naitional an internaitional games, 20 public schools an aboot 30 private schools. Among the public schools it’s important tae name “Dr. Fernando de la Mora” National E.M.D. School; this school haes aboot 3,000 students that assist at morning efternoon or nicht classes. Currently is the biggest school in the ceety an it coonts wi its awn sports center. Ither school worth mentioning is the “Dr. Eligio Ayala” School o Infirmary that provides elementary, basic, an superior an diversify education.