San Lorenzo, Paraguay

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San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo Kirk
San Lorenzo Kirk
San Lorenzo is located in Paraguay
San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo
Coordinates: 25°20′24″S 57°31′12″W / 25.34000°S 57.52000°W / -25.34000; -57.52000
 • Total271,064

San Lorenzo is a ceety locatit in the Central Depairtment in Paraguay, some 10 kilometers away frae the caipital Asunción. It is the third maist populated ceety o Paraguay an its main activity is commerce. The Naitional University o Asunción campus is located in San Lorenzo. The ceety is the seat o the Roman Catholic Diocese o San Lorenzo. The Inglis translation is St. Lawrence.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

San Lorenzo wis oreeginally a Jesuit field kent as Ñu Guazú. In 1767 the Jesuits wur expelled frae the kintra, an a toun wis established on 10 August 1775.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

San Lorenzo is locatit in the Central Depairtment o Paraguay, about 9km frae the ceety centre. It is a pairt o Gran Asunción. It borders the ceeties o Luque tae the north, Ñemby tae the sooth, Fernando de la Mora tae the east, an Capiatá tae the wast.

  • Altitude: 146 meters.
  • Latitude: 25º 19' 59" S
  • Longitude: 057º 31' 59" O