Mariano Roque Alonso

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Mariano Roque Alonso
Banner o Mariano Roque Alonso
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Coordinates: 25°12′44″S 57°31′59″W / 25.21222°S 57.53306°W / -25.21222; -57.53306
DepairtmentCentral Depairtment
 • Total122 km2 (47 sq mi)
64 m (210 ft)
 • Total84,949
 • Density696/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Area code(s)021

Mariano Roque Alonso is a district an ceety located in the Central Depairtment, in Paraguay in the Gran Asunción metropolitan aurie. The ceety haes a population o 85,000 fowk.

The ceety wis foondit in 1944 a is locatit atween the Paraguay River an the Transchaco Road, some 18 kilometers away frae the ceety o Asunción. This optimal location haes allouit the ceety quick commercial, industrial, an social development.

Mariano Roque Alonso is hame tae the steid o the biggest annual Expo show in Paraguay whare companies an industries showcase their latest products.