Federally Admeenistered Tribal Auries

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Federally Admeenistered Tribal Auries
(Pashto: مرکزي قبایلي سیمې‎)
Flag o FATA
Coat o airms o FATA
Location o the Federally Admeenistered Tribal Auries
Coordinates: 33°0′0″N 70°10′0″E / 33.00000°N 70.16667°E / 33.00000; 70.16667
Kintra Pakistan
Admeenistrative unit Federal territory
Components 7 Agencies
6 Frontier Regions
Admeenistrative centre Peshawar
 • Govrenor o Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Syed Masood Kausar
 • Tot 27,220 km2 (10,510 sq mi)
Population (1998)[1][2]
 • Tot 3,176,331
 • Density 120/km2 (300/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Website http://www.fata.gov.pk/

The Federally Admeenistered Tribal Auries (FATA) (Pashto: مرکزي قبایلي سیمې‎) are a semi-autonomous tribal region in the northwast o Pakistan, lyin atween the province o Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, an the neighboring kintra o Afghanistan. The FATA comprise seiven Agencies (tribal destricts) an sax FRs(Frontier regions). The territory is amaist exclusively inhabitit bi Pashtun tribes which are predominantly Sunni Muslims bi faith.

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