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Pashto: پېښور
Hindko: پيشور
Urdu: پشاور
Ceety Destrict
Peshawar is located in Pakistan
Location athin Pakistan
Coordinates: 34°01′N 71°35′E / 34.017°N 71.583°E / 34.017; 71.583
ProvinceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
DestrictPeshawar Destrict
Union Cooncils25
 • Nazim (Empress)Asya Abbas (ANP)
 • Total1257 km2 (485 sq mi)
359 m (1,178 ft)
 • Total3,625,000
 • Density2,900/km2 (7,500/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Area code(s)091

Peshawar (Pashto: پېښورPex̌awar; Hindko: پيشور Pishōr; Urdu: پشاورPishāwar Urdu Aboot this soondpronunciation ), kent as Pekhawar an aw, is the caipital o Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (umwhile kent as the North-Wast Frontier Province),[2] an the admeenistrative centre an economic hub for the Federally Admeenistered Tribal Auries o Pakistan.[3] Peshawar is situatit in a lairge glen near the eastren end o the Khyber Pass, close tae the Pak-Afghan border. Kent as "Ceety on the Frontier", Peshawar's strategic location on the crossroads o Central Asie an Sooth Asie haes made it ane o the maist culturally vibrant an lively ceeties in the greater region. Peshawar is irrigatit bi various canals o the Kabul River an bi its richt tributar, the Bara River.

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