Fairbanks, Alaska

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Fairbanks (pronounced /ˈfɛərbæŋks/ (deprecatit template)) is a Hame Rule Ceety in an the borough seat o the Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska, Unitit States.[1]

Fairbanks is the lairgest ceety in the Interior region o Alaska, an seicont lairgest in the state ahint Anchorage. It is the principal ceety o the Fairbanks, Alaska Metropolitan Statistical Aurie which encompasses aw o the Fairbanks North Star Borough an is the northrenmaist Metropolitan Statistical Aurie in the Unitit States.

Accordin tae 2009 Census Bureau estimates, the population o the ceety wis 35,252,[2] an the Fairbanks metropolitan aurie's population wis 97,970.[3] Fairbanks is hame tae the University o Alaska Fairbanks, the auldest college in Alaska.

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Coordinates: 64°50′37″N 147°43′23″W / 64.8436°N 147.7231°W / 64.8436; -147.7231