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Evgenia Vlasova

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Evgenia Vlasova
Forby kent asEugenia Vlasova
Born (1978-04-08) 8 Aprile 1978 (age 46)
Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
GenresUkrainian pop, Roushie pop, Folk
ThriftSangster, Sangwriter
Years active1998–present
Associate actsAndru Donalds
Wabsteidwww.vlasova.com.ua (in Ukrainian)

Evgenia Vlasova (Ukrainian: Євгенія Власова) (Roushie: Евгения Власова) (born 8 April 1978 in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian sangster-sangwriter.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Her parents were airtistically inclined (mither wis an actress, faither wis a sangster). In 1994 Vlasova entered the R. Glier State Higher Music College, graduatin in 1998. In this same year, she entered the Queen of the Song internaitional competition in Rimini, Italy singin Musyka dusha moya (Muisic o ma soul). She wan the grand prize in this event.

An aw in 1998, Vlasova wan several Ukrainian muisic popularity competitions such as the Song of the Year festival an the 21st Century's Hope nomination. In 1999 she wrote "Wind of Hope". Dmitriy Kostiuk signed on as her manager in that same year.

In November 2001 the Wind of Hope full-length album wis released. This album wis follaeed a string o ivideos; "Severnoye siyaniye (Northern Lights)", "O Tebe (About You)", "Budu silneye (I'll be strong)", an "Plach obo mne (Cry about me)".

In 2004 Vlasova gave birth tae a dochter namit Nina an steppit briefly oot o her singin career tae devote her full attention tae her new career as a mither.

Vlasova re-entered the muisic warld in 2005, this time teamin up wi Andru Donalds (a memmer o the group Enigma). The result o their wirk wis fower duets an a muisic video cried "Limbo".

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vlasova is divorcit frae her producer Dmitry Kostyuk in 2008. They hae a dochter thegither namit Nina Kostyuk (born 4 August 2004).

Illness[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2009 Vlasova wis diagnosed wi ovarian cancer. As o Mairch 2010 she unnerwent a surgery an three courses o chemotherapy an is feelin better nou.

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Veter nadezhdy (Ветер надежды)[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1. Ya - zhyvaja reka (Я - живая река)
  • 2. Son (Сон)
  • 3. Zyma (Зима)
  • 4. Narysuju (Нарисую)
  • 5. O tebe (О тебе - About You)
  • 6. Dysko (Диско)
  • 7. Veter nadezhdy (Ветер надежды)
  • 8. Tam, gde lubov' (Там, где любовь)
  • 9. Severnoe syjanye (Северное сияние - Northern Lights)
  • 10. Krasnoe solnce (Красное солнце)
  • 11. Ne zabuvaj! (Не забувай)

Wind of Hope[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1. Cry in the night
  • 2. My wonderland
  • 3. Love is a crazy game (ft. Andru Donalds)
  • 4. Only you
  • 5. Limbo (ft. Andru Donalds)
  • 6. River of life
  • 7. One night lover (ft. Andru Donalds)
  • 8. Northern Light
  • 9. Gonna be stronger
  • 10. Wind of hope (ft Andru Donald)
  • 11. Wind of hope (rmx) (ft Andru Donald)

Синергия (Synergy)[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1. Лавина любви (Lavina lubvi - Avalanche of Love)
  • 2. На двоих сердце одно… (Na dvoik cyertse adno - Two hearts as one)
  • 3. На краю небес (Na Krayu nibyes - At the edge of Heaven)
  • 4. Отношения (Otnoshyeniya - Relationships)
  • 5. Планета №2 (Planeta #2 - Planet #2)
  • 6. Нет, я не боюсь (Nyet, ya ne boyus - No, I'm not afraid)
  • 7. Полетим в небо (Polyetim v nebo - Fly to the sky)
  • 8. Сердце (Cyertse - Heart)
  • 9. Шоу-тайм (Shou-Taim - Show-Time)
  • 10. В каждом биении сердца (V kazdom biyenii certsa - Every heartbeat)
  • 11. Убегаю (Oobegayu - Escape)
  • 12. Шоу-тайм RMX (Shou-Taim RMX - Show-Time RMX)

Singles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Live River
  • Severnoye siyaniye (Northern Lights)
  • O Tebe (About You),
  • Budu silneye (I'll be strong)
  • Wind of hope (ft. Andru Donalds)
  • Plach obo me (Cry about me)
  • Limbo (ft. Andru Donalds)
  • Ya budu (I will)
  • Шоу-тайм (Show-Time) #17

Maist o the singles are in Roushie an Inglis.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]