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Gaelic name ?Eaglais (see meanin)
Norse name Egilsey[1]
Meanin o name Disputed - either Norse "Egil's island" or Norse "ey" + Celtic "eaglais" - "Kirk island"
Egilsay frae Rousay wi St Magnus Kirk on the skyline
Egilsay frae Rousay wi St Magnus Kirk on the skyline
Egilsay is locatit in Orkney Islands
Egilsay shawn athin Orkney
OS grid reference HY470301
Coordinates 59°09′00″N 2°54′58″W / 59.15°N 2.916°W / 59.15; -2.916
Physical geography
Island group Orkney Islands
Aurie 650 hectares (2.5 sq mi)
Aurie rank 67 [2]
Heichest elevation 35 metres (115 ft)
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Kintra Scotland
Cooncil aurie Orkney
Population 26[3]
Population rank 62 [2]
Population density 4 fowk/km2[3][4]
References [4]

Egilsay is ane o the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the Island o Egilsay is leein east o Rousay.

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Coordinates: 59°09′N 2°55′W / 59.150°N 2.917°W / 59.150; -2.917