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Netherlands East Indies
Dutch colony





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Cairt o the Dutch East Indies shawin its territorial expansion frae 1800 tae its fullest extent prior tae Japanese occupation in 1942.
Caipital Batavia (nou Jakarta)
Leids Indonesian
Indigenous leids
Releegion Sunni Islam
Government Colonial administration
 -  1800–1801 (first) Pieter G. van Overstraten
 -  1949 (last) A. H. J. Lovinka
 -  VOC era 1603–1800
 -  VOC nationalised 1 Januar 1800
 -  Japanese occupation[1] Feb 1942 – Aug 1945
 -  Unthirldom proclaimed 17 August 1945
 -  Dutch recogneetion as the Autonomous Republic within the Netherlands 27 December 1949
 -  Unthirldom frae the Netherlands efter Unitit Indonesian States Dissolved 17 August 1950
 -  1930 est. 60,727,233 
Siller Dutch East Indies gulden
The day pairt o  Indonesia
a. Occupied bi Japanese forces atween 1942 an 1945, follaed bi the Indonesian Naitional Revolution till 1949. Indonesie proclaimed its unthirldom on 17 August 1945. Netherlands New Guinea wis transferred tae Indonesie in 1963.

The Dutch East Indies (or Netherlands East Indies; Dutch: Nederlands-Oost-Indië; Indonesian: Hindia-Belanda) wis a Dutch colony that acame modren Indonesie follaein Warld War II. It wis furmed frae the naitionalised colonies o the Dutch East Indie Company, which came unner the admeenistration o the Dutch govrenment in 1800 till 1950 while Indonesie declared Unthirldom frae the Netherlands tae Commemorate the 5t Anniversary o Unthirldom frae Japan as Unrecognised State efter Unitit Indonesian States Dissolved.

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