Drax pouer station

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Drax pouer station
Drax Pouer Station
Offeecial nameDrax pouer station
KintraIngland, Unitit Kinrick
LocationDrax, North Yorkshire
Coordinates53°44′9″N 0°59′47″W / 53.73583°N 0.99639°W / 53.73583; -0.99639Coordinates: 53°44′9″N 0°59′47″W / 53.73583°N 0.99639°W / 53.73583; -0.99639
Construction began1973 (Phase 1)
1985 (Phase 2)
Commission date1974–75 (Phase 1)
1986 (Phase 2)
Awner(s)Central Electricity Generating Board
National Power
AES Corporation
Drax Group
Operator(s)Drax Power Limited
Pouer generation
Units operational6 × 660 MW
Mak an modelC. A. Parsons and Company
Nameplate capacity1975: 1,980 MW
1986: 3,960 MW

Drax pouer station is a muckle coal-fired pouer station in North Yorkshire, Ingland, capable o co-firing biomass an petcoke. Its name comes from the nearby village o Drax. It is situated on the River Ouse atween Selby an Goole. Its generating capacity of 3,870 megawatts (MW) is the highest o any pouer station in the Unitit Kinrick, providin aboot 6% o the UK's electricity supply.

Opened in 1973 an extended in the mid-1980s, the station was initially operated bi the Central Electricity Generating Board. Since privatisation in 1990 ownership has changed several times, an it is operated bi the Drax Group. Completed in 1986, it is the newest coal-fired pouer station in Ingland. Flue gas desulphurisation equipment was fitted atween 1988 an 1995. High an low pressure turbines were replaced atween 2007 an 2012. Because o its muckle size, the station is the UK's single mucklest emitter o caurbon dioxide.

Bi 2010, the plant was co-firing biomass. In 2012, the company announced plans tae convert up tae three generating units tae biomass, burning 7.5 million tonnes imported from the Unitit States an Canadae.

Drax Repower[eedit | eedit soorce]

Drax Repower is a proposal tae modify units 5 an 6 at Drax power station bi installing combined cycle gas turbines. Waste heat from the gas turbines will pass tae heat recovery steam generators which will generate steam for the existing steam turbines in the respective units. The repowered units are expected tae have a total electrical output o 3.6 gigawatts. There is also a proposal tae construct two battery storage facilities o 100 MW (sic) each. Statutory consultation on the project took place in January an February 2018.[1]

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