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Gas turbine

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Examples o gas turbine configurations: (1) turbojet, (2) turboprop, (3) turboshaft (electric generator), (4) heich-bypass turbofan, (5) law-bypass afterburning turbofan

A gas turbine, cried a combustion turbine an aw, is a kind o continuous combustion, internal combustion ingine.

The basic operation o the gas turbine is the Brayton cycle wi air as the wirkin fluid. Fresh atmospheric air flowes throu the compressor that brings it tae heier pressure. Fuel is then sprayed intae the air, an ignited, sae the combustion generates a hei-temperature flowe. This heich-temperature heich-pressure gas enters a turbine, whaur it expands doun tae the exhaust pressure. The turbine drives a shaft which drives the compressor an the load, sic as an electric generator. In jet ingines, the energy that isnae uised tae drive the compressor produces thrust tae pouer the aircraft forritwarts. The fowert step o the Brayton cycle (cooling o the wirkin fluid) is left oot, as gas turbines is appen sistems that dinnae uise the same air again.

Gas turbines are uised tae power aircraft, trains, ships, electric generators, pumps, gas compressors an tanks.[1]

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